Past 4am

I am she

Light enters the wound


Rose tinted


“Wanda through my cosmos”

“Just a glitch in the system”

“Tangled & tied”

“Gut feeling”


“Got me with my insides out”


“Breakdown to break through”

“ Memories “

“Dear April…”

“A broken heart is an open heart”

“Mental vacay”

“The beginning of a thought”

“A happy release”

“Doja cat”

“Look ma, I’ve made it…”

“Trapped emotions”

“Calming my nerves”

“Feeling clammed”

“The lovers”

“Making moooves”

“In my own dream land”

“Let the juices flow”

“Intuition or delusions ”

“Miss chaos”

“Divine flow”

“Maybe I’m crazy”

“Karmic lovers”